1. Why do ALL diseases arise in the subtle ENERGY levels?

I have already mentioned that we are all purely ENERGY Beings, which confuses many people, and most can not imagine it.

I will now try to explain this by using an example.

As you've probably heard, your physical body consists of about 70-100 billion cells.

Each of these cells, in turn, consists of millions of molecules.

It goes on hurriedly, each of these molecules consists of millions of atoms.

Still not at the end, each atom consists of an atomic nucleus consisting of protons and neutrons and of the electrons in an external Orbit of the atom.


Imagine now an atomic nucleus of the simplest atom ...

A hydrogen atom consisting only of ONE proton and ONE electron.

This hydrogen atom now encircles only one electron in its shell.

Please, imagine now, that we blow up this atom around 1000 billion times of its size.

Now you can see an atomic core with a diameter of 1.7 meters in front of you.

At a distance of 50 kilometers, you can now also the orbiting electron, which has a diameter of 0.2 millimeters.


The nucleus of this atom contains 99.9% of the mass of the atom


75% of the mass of the entire UNIVERSE

consists of this hydrogen atom.


This is hard to absorb and to process with our thinking, but it is clear that there is no doubt and a fact in this representation.


I think this presentation was quite interesting to you, but it still goes on.

The atomic nucleus of an atom is still not the smallest part of an atom.


This core can now be further decomposed into neutrinos, quarks and what else is still not known to us.

And it's getting even finer.

Then we end up in STRINGS and ultimately with PURE LIGHT, which is only a wave (vibration) and can no longer have any material values.

The only question now is whether there are any atoms at all because up to now no single scientist has ever seen one.

Not even with the most expensive and perfect electron microscopes, an atom CANNOT be found ...


As usual in science, everything is only fiction and assumptions!


One can now clearly see that

we are actually made only from




and we are REALLY SPIRITUAL beings,




without any MATTER




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I have already mentioned that we are all purely ENERGY Beings, which confuses many people, and most can not imagine it.

I will now try to explain this by using an example.

As you've probably heard, your physical body consists of about 70-100 billion cells.

Each of these cells, in turn, consists of millions of molecules.

It goes on hurriedly, each of these molecules consists of millions of atoms.

Still not at the end, each atom consists of an atomic nucleus consisting of protons and neutrons and of the electrons in an external Orbit of the atom.

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I have already briefly mentioned this topic and go here a bit deeper now.

Since the causes of disturbances are found in the subtle planes, it is simply impossible to achieve any cure on the physical plane with toxic chemical substances.

The opposite is the case.


Medications are always toxic and extremely harmful to our body.


When taken frequently, the negative effects add up naturally and the Damage is getting bigger and bigger.


If then even a mixture of different drugs (poisons) is taken,

worst consequences have to be accepted.


Because our body can not cope with a cocktail of highly effective poisons by the best will, it will be completely destroyed.


However, this is the standard treatment

as performed throughout the world.


You should think about it in peace and then make your own conclusions to draw from it.



This includes the previous topic.

If only the symptoms are treated and covered, the causal disorder can never be remedied.

It is still beautifully covered until one comes to a point, where the doctors then say,


nothing more can be done for you:

"We have DONE everything possible, go home to die! "


This sounds very bad, but this is the FACT and this is how they practice every single day.

These self-proclaimed "GURU's" are charlatans, especially good actors and entertainers, who always manage to pull a small fortune out of their client's pockets without giving anything in return.

Here is absolute caution needed!

If someone promises great cures, even in the shortest possible time, then you can leave straight away your fingers of such con-mans.


A spirit healer is only a mediator between the different subtle levels, nothing else.




have ALL the ability to heal ourselves,

but most people can not do this themselves

since the exact background and knowledge

are not known to them.


HERE the SPIRITUAL HEALER comes to help you to get rid of your faults.

You can only reach these levels SPIRITUALLY because they are not in the rough 3-D level as on our earth.

There are now several ways to communicate with the subtle levels and retrieve information from the Morphic Field.

This term "Morphological Field" has been described very precisely by the world-renowned biologist Rupert Sheldrake.
It turns out that more and more recognized scientists admit that this field actually exists and can no longer be denied.

A lot of Spiritual Healers use Radiesthestethic Tools (pendulums, rods ...) to make their queries.

Some work on a purely spiritual basis, without any tools, which is, however, very questionable.


There is only one handful of people on this earth

who can work purely spiritual, without any tools...


These Enlightened Professionals are

certainly NOT found in the public !!!


If someone wants you to believe that all of these results and answers are received from "UP THERE", then you try to run very fast in the oppositive direction.

Many so-called channelers say they communicate directly with God, Jesus, Budha, Allah and with whomever, and directly receive their answers from them.

This is PURE NONSENSE, there is nobody UP THERE and answers questions, ALL there IS, is the Morphic Field.

All they hear is their own EGO, nothing else.

I personally know several such "GURU's", which are directly related to Jesus and in permanent connection with him ???

Each one of them tells completely different stories and gives completely different answers to exactly the same questions ...


Since I am very suspicious,

I have tested these phenomena several times ;-)



is there perhaps something wrong with the line?


Now, when queries are made using proper tools and, of course, with the highest mental concentration, and results are available, one can proceed to prepare the optimal treatment.

Treatments, of course, take place only on the SPIRITUAL LEVEL and are then transmitted subtly.


You do not have to be on the spot, space and time do not matter.



we are ALL connected to each other (we are ONE)

and therefore subtle energies can be transferred easily

from one being to another.


This transmission can, in turn, be carried out by various methods which all work well.


Many SPIRITUAL HEALERS apply a purely mental technique and transmit the energies directly to their clients via their thoughts or their hands.

Others use various healing pendulums and also transfer directly to their clients.

Again, others transmit purely mentally over great distances, without any Aids, where the client does not have to be present.

The best method, which I am using for queries and transmissions, is using the most advanced Radionic Devices (Systems) that have been developed for more than 100 years and have been specially perfected in England.

There is a huge amount of studies and experiences from longtime Experiments, from which fantastic instruments and Healing Systems were developed.

Radionics has been very successfully used in England for about 100 years now and has already been fully exploited.


Unfortunately, it is not allowed in many countries in the world and is strongly suppressed.


Why, well, you can make a rhyme for yourself.


All these methods have different efficiencies, which you can see in this following table:

 Pure Intellectual Query & Transmission, Without Any Aid  20%
 Spiritual query & transfer using pendulums  40%
 Spiritual query & transmission using radionic devices of older design, coded symbol cards  70%

Intellectual inquiry and transmission with the help of state-of-the-art Radionic devices, programmable cards, extremely high-resolution icon cards, many different healing and healing methods transferred directly and without any losses ...



For me, it is, of course, quite clear that I work with the later method,


other healers see this completely differently,

so everyone has its particular way of working,

and when seriously worked, probably all are right.


I join Paracelsus, who made the following statement:


Who Heals IS Right?


I was lucky to cross the path of one of the world's most respected Radionics Experts, Nick Franks, and have the great honor to learn directly from and with him.

Thus, I also got access to the best and most advanced Radionic devices, which can be found at the moment.

Of course, this gives me also access to the LATEST and the most developed techniques & methods, which are constantly being developed & improved.


When I meet with you on a spiritual level (I can do this from a distance of thousands of miles because time and space do not play any part in spiritual planes), a resonance occurs between both of us, and this makes it possible to change your energy field in all the different levels.

To be able to connect with you, I need a so-called "witness", which can be a photo, a handwritten note, a dried drop of blood, a

fingernail clipping or a small strain of hairs.


  • The best thing is to use is a small hair sample.


In this hair sample, your whole DNA chain is present and a unique and unmistakable identification of your person (BEING) in the Morphic Field is possible.

This, of course, can only be done with your consent.

These energy fields must, of course, be accepted by YOU to show their effect.

Your physical body does not receive any treatment, but effects will be seen shortly of course when the problem in the subtle levels are fixed and balanced.

However, many clients already feel relief after the first treatment.

In painful conditions, a very rapid effect can usually be achieved.

I would also like to mention that after a treatment, a short worsening may occur, which sometimes causes severe pain.

This is the so-called "Healing Crisis"

and is no cause for concern.

When this healing crisis is over,

your recovering will be normally very fast.

There is a whole host of tried and tested methods to ensure a rapid cure & balancing problems on the subtle body levels.

Here are some examples:
Homeopathic Remedies, Schüssler Salts, Medicines, Minerals, Color Therapy, Medicinal Herbs, Crystals, Plant Active Ingredients, Healing Stones, Chemical Products, Bach Flowers, Coded Numbers, Symbols ...

All these substances (vibrations) and methods are broadcasted into your subtle body fields and there are absolutely NO side effects, also NO impurities, since only the "Information" and not the active substance itself is transmitted.


You do not have to do anything except wait and rest your body


Your BODY knows exactly what to do.

This is very different from person to peron and of course always depends on the health status of the client.

I give you some guidelines here:

  • A first SCAN of the subtle BODY levels and the elaboration of a
    Treatment method claims on average between 3-4 hours.


Treatment times can range from a few minutes to a few hours a day. depends on the situation.

For small problems, usually, 3-4 treatments are sufficient, which are distributed over several days.

Treatments have to be started very carefully, to avoid stress to your already overloaded body systems and let you struggle even more.

When your body starts to drain all toxins, your organs have a lot to do, and this must be well controlled to prevent overloading.

In the case of severe illness, however, you have to reckon with many treatments over a few weeks and sometimes even month.

Many people,

who have been treated with allopathic medicine,

have the idea,

that after years of treatment with the most severe toxins,

they can now come to a Spiritual Healer and

can be cured here within a few minutes.


This is a great fallacy and pure wishful thinking.

WONDERS can only be found in different books,

but in reality,

this is NOT possible ...


When patients,  out-treated from allopathic medicine, get sent home to take care of themselves, then there is only very little functional left of their physical bodies.

In such cases, you must be very careful to try all these treatments to eliminate gross errors and not to compensate for the whole subtle energy fields.

Only then will the physical body show itself slowly successes.

This can sometimes be very lengthy and can last for many months to drag.

It requires a lot of patience from the patient and, of course, from the patient practicing healer.

But well, help & relief is also possible in such serious cases and mostly possible.

To the top, there is everything open, no limit...

There are big self-proclaimed MASTER's, who demand loosely $ 1,000. - and some charge even more per meeting, and others who make it for $ 50, - or even charge no money for their services ...

Such a treatment with an "SUPER-GURU" can swallow up many thousands of Dollars very quickly, with the result that nothing happens, except that your bank account is emptied very quickly.

I can give you here only one advice,

Watch out and watch out again.

In general, the higher the advertising effort (great magazines, self-published books, brochures ...) and the more pompous the Internet appearance, (great designed websites, which cost thousands of Dollars), the more careful you have to be.

A good Spiritual Healer does not need any advertising !!!


Does not need a great show and no fantastic 500 HP sports car to show how successful he is ...


A good Spiritual Healer is mostly fully occupied 

and can hardly find time for new clients anyway !!!


Even if someone like to impress you with expensive computer equipment, more expensive software & goodies, I can only warn you to be extremely careful.

Computers fit to Spiritual Healing like gasoline to the fire.


A computer can never undertake SPIRITUAL activities,

it has NO soul and is a machine, nothing else...

There are now fancy looking computer healing systems offered, which cost 15,000.- Dollars and some much more, and those can already be found in many doctors' offices.
There, in 5 minute intervals, a few buttons are turned, and the result is already present, like a miracle, BINGO....

This is unfortunately only pure show and absolutely NOTHING worth.

The normal citizen can be very easily impressed from such terrific equipment and pays then synonymous happy the total exaggerated amount for the use of such a toy machine.

There are a few thousand Dollars running very fast down the stream and nothing has happened…

I find it simply impertinent how people in their greatest need and anxiety are exempted from unscrupulous ruthlessness (note: these are all state-trained, scientifically recognized capacities and show off with several doctorates, diplomas and what else).

If your bank account is emptied, which goes very fast, it is also over with the treatments ...

I can only advise you to rely on word of mouth propaganda and recommendations.

You can learn from the first hand about how such treatments are done, how much time is spent to really help you, what it costs and whether healing or at least a relief has been achieved.

How exactly I handle this topic, you can read the next question...

I do not ask for anything !!!


Even the poorest can afford this ;-)


After the brutal diagnosis shock, which most people will experience (this is pronounced intentionally brutally and without any feelings) SHOCK and FEAR make you submissive and you no longer ask questions, leaves any treatment unanswered, brings a lot of cash into the hands of your GOD in WHITE.

Then comes the financial shock, which deeply plunges the patient into the abyss and holds him there, where most of them can not get out of their own accord without help.

If someone likes to go for a non-scientifically recognized healing method, the health insurance does not pay a cent.

A really great system, you can deposit big sums a whole lifetime, but when it comes to choose a treatment, one does not have a chance to select it himself.


This is simply imposed on you, and there is only one choice.


No alternative treatments are allowed.


This means, that most people are forced to deal with chemistry and poisons...

And all these attacks on their health must go beyond themselves.
Most people who then come to me in despair are exhausted from allopathic medicine and are sent home to wait for their end.

This is a terrible situation, and most have no hope, never to get out there again and get well.

This is why the successes of the alternative healing practitioners are often smiled at, but it is forgotten that doctors have ruined and abandoned these patients because nothing could be done and deserved anymore!!!

Nevertheless, of these once-hopeless cases, most are recovered ...

When absolutely nothing can be done, it is at least easier and more comfortable for them to return home to the spiritual world.

This is also very important in order not to wander as a lost soul in nothingness, which unfortunately happens with so many souls when these are suddenly torn out of life after terrible suffering, trauma, shock.

If, however, after a few treatments successes, I expect actually a reasonable gift, which I think quite fair I guess.

But this is only to be expected when one is on the way of regaining good health, feels already better and can enjoy his life again.

It can not be that the

One only GIVES

and the other

only TAKES.


There is a "Universal Law" Which says,



ALL Energy Fields



So what is such a consideration?

This can be anything, the simplest and most common is money, I think, because it is easy to distribute and everyone likes to take it and everyone needs it to live.

Of course, there may also be other things or goods ...

For example, once I was offered a simple loaf of bread from a very poor man, which has particularly stirred me.

It does not seem very much at first glance, but you always have to know the exact circumstances before you judge.

Because this man was extremely poor and his family could never buy a loaf of bread in their entire life !!!

Now you can see the value of a simple loaf of bread !!!

For this poor fellow this must have been a tremendous strain, and nevertheless, he insisted that I accept his gift.

I helped him get well again, and for this he made something impossible for him and made this unreachable gift possible asa a gift for me.

This was probably the most beautiful and important gift I have ever received in my whole life.


So what then is a suitable money amount?

This is difficult to answer.

For Bill Gates 1000, - Dollars would be a ridiculous pocket money, for a poor man, 10, - dollars are a small fortune.

So if Bill Gates would appear with a loaf of bread, this might NOT be classified as appropriate.

I think you'll agree with me.

Sure you can judge very well what is appropriate, or for what amount e.g. YOU would work for others many hours ...

Think about what you would pay for a car mechanic to get your beloved car repaired ....

What is your health worth?

To date, I've never experienced that someone complained about my price politics ;-)

Unfortunately, I was very often used out and even had to often take care of travel expenses myself.

But this situation must be dealt by each person himself.

For as already mentioned, it is a "Universal Law" that ALWAYS a compensation must take place, however this has to happen ...

Many have opened a large negative account when this law was ignored, and at some point, I've been giving up on it for this reason.


I've also given up on visiting clients in their homes and I am now

exclusively specialized in REMOTE HEALING.


This should be enough to help you to get an overview and if you have any questions, I am willing to give you my best answer.

Please mind, however, that I am very busy and would rather use my time to develop myself and above all to help people who are in great need, and not to answer nonsensical and lapidary questions, which could very easily be answered in a five-minute search on the Internet. I wish you all the best on your way from you ;-)

I wish you all the best on your way and maybe I hear from you soon ;-)


I do not want you to trust me at all ...?


Do your homework, research and now the most important suggestion I can give you,





Only when you have enough data & KNOWLEDGE, and EXPERIENCES to yourself, you can make the right decision with whom you work and to whom you want to trust, to work on your subtle body systems.

I can only speak for myself here and assure you that I will always give everything to help you.

I have no financial interests to suck you out and then leave you alone.

What about my Knowledge & Skills, don't worry, I can soothe you.

I have been working intensively on alternative healing methods for more than 25 years.

To date, I have plowed through more than 3,000 specialist books, many of them, of course, several times, and so I can already make a very clear picture of which methods of healing are best and most effective and also deliver results.

You can see a brief overview of my life in HISTORY


Intense studies for hypnosis

Hypnotist Certification in American School of Hypnosis

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Past Life Regressionist

Study intensively Self Hypnosis & Brain Entrainment

Spiritual Regression

Life between Life Regression

Healing and Transformation of the Soul

Birth Regression

Spirit Releasement Therapy

Remote Spirit Releasement

Recovery of Soul-Mind Fragmentation

Intensive study of all MATERIALS by:
Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Dolores Cannon, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian White, Richard Gordon, Bryon Kathy, Lynne McTaggart, Barbara Hand Claw, Barbara Hand Brennan, Ted Andrews, Dr.Newton Kondaveti and many more ....

Hypnosis Study with Steve G. Jones

Hypnotist Certification
BASIC Hypnosis Certification
ADVANCED Hypnosis Certification
ERIKSON Hypnosis Certification
NLP Practitioner
ADVANCED NLP Practitioner

Intensive study of all materials by:

Joachim Werdin, Wes Penre, Alice A. Bailey, Walter Russel, Joey Kern, Nick Franks, Sig Lonegren , David V. Tansley

Books I can recommend to anyone: 

Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Thomas Campbell, Alice A. Bailey, Walter Russel,  Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Dolores Cannon, Dr.Michael Newton, Dr.Brian Weiss, Richard Gordon, Bryon Kathy, Lynne McTaggart, Barbara Hand Claw, Barbara Hand Brennan, Ted Andrews, Dr.Newton Kondaveti, David Icke, Peter Tomkins, Sepp Holzer, Steve Baxter, Gregg Braden, Christopher Hills ...


My Hobbies:

Radiesthesia, Radionics, Permaculture, Garden, Computer, Web Design, Graphic Design, Boat Design, Boat Construction, Photography, Hiking, Bicycling,

Past Hobbies: Diving, Kite Flying, Motorcycling, Sailing, Hang Gliding ... I hope that you can make a picture of my person and as you can surely recognize, I am not bored of being affected. With

I hope that you can make you a picture of my person and as you can surely recognize, that I am not bored the whole day.

With, me a day could have 60 hours and would still be too short for me ;-)


Unfortunately, I can not show off academic grades, but this is only an advantage for me, so I kept my mind open and could develop and develop without limitations.

These options remain closed to most academics !!!

They have to blindly follow the instructions and teachings when they want to make a career or keep their job at university or in a development lab.

A Homeo-Energetic Cream is based on a NEUTRAL base-cream, which is energized with Cosmic Energy.

I think you will understand that cannot give you the exact procedure here, but there is a BIG pyramid involved, diverse Universal Energy Collectors and State of the Art Radionic Equipment, and of course the most important, my Intention.

A PERSONALIZED Homeo-Energetic Cream is based on a UNIVERSAL Homeo-Energetic Cream.

Additional, I analyze your PERSONAL Energy field (Problem) and energize the cream with exactly the remedies your problem needs.


I have access to a huge amount of different Remedies:


Approximately 5,500 remedies


Approximately 6,000 plant remedies


Approximately 1100 flower remedies


Approximately 1,600 chemicals are available.


Almost 3,000 gems, minerals, crystals, and elements.


The UNIVERSAL  Homeo-Energetic Creams are very powerful already, but a PERSONALIZED Homeo-Energetic Cream goes straight to your individual problem and therefore a relieve of your problem can be achieved much faster.