About HomeoEnergetics®

HomeoEnergetics® was born out of the request to create the most advanced and finest remedies available.

We use State-Of-The-Art techniques combined with well-proven methods, which are further improved by the latest breakthroughs in Energetics and Vibrational Energy Remedies.


These guarantees products of highest quality, consistency, and purity.


HomeoEnergetics® offers Healthcare Practitioners a huge selection of remedies, 16.000 and still counting.


Potencies from our unique “NULL” up to 100 MMM,

all at very affordable prices.


HomeoEnergetics® was founded in 2017, but intensive studies and research go back to 30 years into the nineties of the last century.

Now it was time to go public and offer our service to humanity.

Through our intensive studies and research work, our path crossed with Nick Franks, a well-known and worldwide respected capacity in Radionics and Subtle Energies, from whom we learned everything for generating all our 21st Century HomeoEnergetic Remedies

If you are interested to learn more about Radionics, please read What is Radionics?