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My Computer World

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Basic Programming, Web-Design, Graphic Design, Mechanic Engineering, Boat Design, Sound Studio, Brain Entrainment Studio, Design of Pyramids, Domes….

Boat-Building / Design

20m Adventure Cat

Have designed countless boats, from 2.0m to 20.0m, Mono-hulls, Trimarans, Catamarans, Dinghy's, Kayaks and Human Powered Pedal Boats…



Nautical and Aeronautical Navigation


Was needed to navigate the Oceans and in my early Hang-gliding adventures

Dive Master


Was a fanatic Diver for many years and had the chance to see the countless unpolluted coral reefs in the Philippines, and those are history and gone forever…


Non-Commercial Captain Patent

skipper licence

Was needed to operate my boats