After launching my new "BABY", I was reborn again, a FREE human with all the time on hand I need.

 adult education


I started now intensively searching for the  TRUTH...


Natural Hygiene Course

natural hygiene

I went through twice through this material, which was based on the Philosophy, Principles, and Practices of Natural Hygiene, comprising 106 lessons called "The Life Science Health System" by T.C. Fry
My life was changed overnight as I went into deeper studies of a healthy lifestyle.
I changed my diet to became a raw fruitarian which I follow until today….

Following with intensive Studies of

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton’s Material
Natural Hygiene from the finest….

Dr. Herbert Shelton

Intensive Studies of

Dr. Douglas Graham’s Material

Doug Graham

He developed Natural Hygiene to the latest knowledge and his work fascinated me.
Following his suggestions brought me to a healthy lifestyle, and this resulted in a healthy body too.
I lost 20 kg in the first month and never look back to my old way of living….

Dive into the
“NEW German Medicine” by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

 new german medicine

Intensive Studies of

Brain Entrainment

mind workstation


Subliminal Messages

subliminal message

This thematic got me hooked straight away.
I had always problems to go into deep meditation and with this technique, could master deep meditations in a very short time.
Those insights showed me also how subliminal messages are purposely introduced to us everywhere we go, Media, TV, Movies, Advertising…..a total raping of our unconscious mind is that, nothing else.
So I studied further which brought me to hypnosis.
After reading a few books I like to know everything about hypnosis and enrolled in courses to learn the fine prints of it.

Hypnotherapy - American School of Hypnosis



Certified Hypnotherapist


Certified Past Life Regressionist


specialized in Past Life Regression, Spiritual Regression, Life Between Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Healing and Transforming of the Soul, Hypnotic Quantum Healing, teaching Self-hypnosis techniques, Birth Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Remote Spirit Releasement, Recovery of Soul-Mind Fragmentation


Intensive Studies and Research into Hypnosis and
Past Life Regression followed…

ALL the Materials of Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Kondaveti Newton, Dolores Cannon, Steve G. Jones, Rene Bastreache showed me what is possible, and I worked with these methods on myself.
I cleaned out ALL the rubbish in my subconscious mind, which I collected in my entire live until this time and reprogrammed my subconscious mind in the proper way.
Now the doors are opened for me with my clear and fresh mind, what a difference it made…..
I became a different person, I evolved to a REAL human with his OWN MIND….

Following this path, it brought me to deeper studies of the mind.


Deep Studies and Experiences in

Astral Traveling

astral travel


A fascinating topic which holds me alert for many months…
The materials from Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Bruce Roberts etc. Was a real eye opener and I could not get enough of it.


Studies and practicing of










Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress


Intensive and deep studies into

Spiritual Healing

heart energy


House Clearing….

 Spiritual House Clearing

Studies of

BioGeometry by Ibrahim Karim

 ibrahim karim







Nourishment through Light, many years of research experiences
Very interesting studies, just mindboggling…


Deep Research into

Electro Smog / Radiation

BBM Logo

This was a fascinating study too and as most peoples on this globe, I did not understand how harmful all this radiation from all of our electronic toys is.
I bought state of the art instrumentation and measured all over the place…..
Oh my god, I could not find any place anymore which was free from all this electro-pollution, what a nightmare.
I searched for places which had no or a low level of this radiation and for alternatives to living a healthy life.


Study the Principles of



Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Sepp Holzer, Geoff Lawton, etc.


Natural Bee Keeping

phil chandler

Creating a small natural bee farm and teaching peoples how to set up an ORGANIC natural bee farm almost everywhere, even in cities.
Follow the approach of Phil Chandler, which is the most polite way to keep healthy and happy bees ...