Life Changes again...

The pollution in the oceans in Asia was becoming unbearable, all life in the water has disappeared, the corals are no more, most sea life has gone too…..




Where was the time of dolphins and turtles surrounding my boat, swimming in pristine coral gardens ???
It seems that all these natural beauties are gone forever, the water stinks like a sewer, the rivers are dead, the water is black instead of a clear blue….
Also, the restrictions on moving and living on a boat became unbearable for us, everyone was just ripping us off and wherever we go we had to beg for a permission to stay…….everything switched from paradise to a scrupulous society in a short time.


There was once empty and pristine beaches...NOW, look at this ....this is insane....

We were not happy anymore on our boat and had to find another solution.
Heartbroken I sold my boat, and we were on the search for our future……


Moving to Sabah
From my last stay in Sabah I had still many beautiful places in my mind and so we moved over there.
We were trying to find a nice unpolluted place to set up a Healing Center and an ECO-Village.


This place has changed in the last 10 years and we could find nothing usable.
The rainforests were cleared out, water everywhere polluted, peoples are unfriendly and land prices were soaring in astronomical areas.
The MEGA palm oil cartels moved in and planted thousands of hectares of palm oil trees, what a disaster…

oil palms

After about two years we decided that this is not the place we were looking for.
We moved all over the place in Sabah but could find nothing that would fit our ideas of a healthy and free life.
Most of our capital gone we moved back to Langkawi again to see what we could arrange over there…

A good friend of us told us he likes to set up a small ECO-Village in the style of a Japanese Zen Garden and invited us to stay in this place.
We were very excited and prepared for our move….