Moving to Penang / Malaysia

So where we can go now, we have tried almost everywhere, from Thailand to the Philippines, and all the places where the same, destroyed and polluted.

So we moved to the home-place of my wife, the island Penang, and see what we can work out there.

We found a very nice house on the back of the island and was thrilled to settle down so fast.

The fun did not last long, just close to our house was a mosque which shouted with an enormous volume level almost 24/7 the crazy and unbearable propaganda direct into our living place.
Also, the ridiculous burning of the rainforest's in Indonesia and 2 million cars on this small island made the air almost unbreathable, we were not able to see over one kilometer on a good day.
Also, the peoples there were unfriendly and wherever we go we got ripped off, no matter if it was a hardware store, a mechanic, a carpenter, just everyone ...
We have stranded again and had to find a solution, and that fast, this place would kill us….

Our capital from the boat sell was shrinking now, and we had few choices at hand.

Researched now intensively to find a country where we can stay, time runs out for us in his place…

At first, we considered going to my home country and start there our new life.

After a visit to my Embassy, we got shocked and can't believe what we were told there.

My wife can not stay with me because she had no income, she is too old and my income is not enough to support her in my home country.

We could not believe what we heard, but this was the words from the friendly secretary there.
In what world we are living ?????

So after this eye-opener, I concentrated on countries which would allow us to stay and which is not too polluted.

This criterion made the list of countries tiny ...

I found only a handful of countries in Middle America and South America which would allow us to stay.

After screening the small list we checked out