Move to Uruguay

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Uruguay is small country, not involved in the International Money Craze, not polluted, tiny population, a lot of nature, easy immigration rules, friendly peoples…


Everything went smooth, but it was difficult at first.


First, the language problem, we did not speak a single word of Spanish ;-)
Second, we have only a limited capital at hand…
Third, the extreme bureaucratic hurdles to applying and get a permanent residence


So we decided that I go first alone and see what I can do on the other side of the world.


I fly to Uruguay with a one-way ticket, just with a tent my bicycle and a small trailer on my bike, search for land which we can afford.

Uruguay Start

After about three months I found what we were looking for.

I built a small hut and then my wife comes also to Uruguay, join me on our new adventure…..
Finally, we found OUR place where we can realize all our dreams and projects.

Now we are thrilled here and may live as we like it, no one ever interferes with our life and living style….
We live in the middle of nowhere, pure nature, no pollution and 10 km to the nearest bigger town.
A dream come true ;-)

We are setting up our healing center from where we try to help all peoples in need, locally and all over the globe.

After setting up camp here, I researched again and liked to know more about hypnosis, NLP…..
I enrolled in on-line courses with Steve G. Jones, one of the most respected Hypnosis Experts in the USA.