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Living From Light

by Peter MICAN

First of all, this is not easy to explain in a few words,

but I can tell you straight away, it works!!!

I also like to mention here that I am not involved in any kind of the mentioned persons or their programs and I will not have any financial benefits from promoting this information.

The information presented on this website is presented for educational purposes only.

I publish the information included here as a public service.

I assert our right of freedom of expression in presenting this information.

While I hope the information presented here is helpful, what you do with it is your responsibility.
The information contained on this website represents personal research; the author is not a medical or health professional and does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

However, in my experience, this reprogramming process can be beneficial; especially when prepared with proper diet, exercise, proper lifestyle and when followed the given instructions to the dot.

If you are seriously interested in this topic, please go to 

This is the website of Joachim M. Werdin, which is the top researcher on this topics, no one comes close to him and his insights.

I highly recommend his book "INEDIA - NON EATING - FASTING" which can be downloaded for FREE from his website, click here

Joachim Werdin

Don't waste thousands of dollars for the "GURU's' which promise you to enlighten you in 8-10 days, this is total nonsense and no one becomes an INEDIAN in this short time....just the usual rip off for "searching" Peoples !!!

Read Joachim Werdin's Book and you are set up with all the knowledge you need to start such a journey.

Jasmuheen is probably the most famous of all Non-Eaters, read here books, but don't follow her 21-day process.

I have gone through it and do not regret, but this is not a walk in the park and could become very dangerous.

and read and "STUDY" every single word in her books.

jasmuheen web header

Her books are published in many languages, so it should not be a problem to find the right one for you.

If you are able to read German language, then buy the book from Michael Werner, "Leben durch Lichtnahrung, Der  Erfahrungsbericht eines Wissenschaftlers", which explains in short but great detail everything you need to know.

I highly recommend this book, this was my guide to the whole reprogramming process and it explains every step in great detail.

Leben durch Lichtnahrung

I would say his book has the best explanation in a very short and compressed form, get it  here:

Or search in Google for "Jasmuheen" and "Michael Werner","Living of Light", "Lichtnahrung", "PRANA Nourishment"....

there will come up plenty of results which will keep you busy for month :-).

Please don't take this easythis is a very serious change in your body systems, mentally, physically and spiritually and also in your lifestyle, this has to be prepared for a long time.

Do your "Homework" before you start this journey !!!

This is about a spiritual journey toward mastery of the "HIGHER-SELF" and not to a specific diet !

Do it wrong and you are dead !!!!!!

For me, it was no problem at all because I followed strictly a very healthy lifestyle and diet for many years and therefore my body could cope with this drastic change in nutrition quite easily.


So how it works ?

First, you have to clean your body from ALL the toxins you have stored over your whole life.

This is best done with a RAW Fruitarian Diet,

Best described in the book from Dr. Graham, 8/10/10 diet, see here :

8 10 10 diet

This is the best nutrition book written so far and I can highly recommend it to everyone.

Following this diet, you will change your life for good and will NOT see a doctor for the rest of your life, period.

You will come back and regulate automatically your weight as it should be without being hungry and your body will be restored to health in a very short time.

This is your birthright:

Be healthy, strong and agile, physically, mentally and spiritually, try to get this back as soon as possible !!!

You will feel energized as you are in your twenties, full of energy, positive thinking and free of disease ... no joke !

After following this diet for a period of time, your body will become strong and healthy again and after about one year following this lifestyle and diet, you could start with the "reprogramming" of your system.

I did go trough Jadmuheens 21-day process which is quite a challenge which I do not recommend to anyone.

I had to do it because "I like to know" and experience everything myself ;-)

Basically, you have to go trough a 3 weeks process, which will look like that:

1. week ... NO food and NO water

2. week ... NO food, but you can drink water with 25% diluted fruit juices as much as you like

3. week ... NO food, but you can drink water 50% diluted fruit juices as much as you like

So after following this reprogramming process for three weeks,

you will be able to live without food.


Don't do that without spiritual, mental and physical preparations !!!

This is about a spiritual journey toward mastery of the "HIGHER-SELF" and not to a specific diet !

If you do it without any preparations, you are DEAD !!!!!!

In my case, I am still eating a little bit, just to please my taste buds :-)

I eat daily about 100 calories, this is a clear vegetable soup or a fruit, sometimes even an ice cream .. yeah.

Non-Believers and pessimists will call me now a "cheater", that's fine, but this is the way I handle this.

It is not the point to prove that we can live without any food intake,

it's your life and YOU can live it as you like it,

you don't have to please anyone, except YOURSELF

All in all, I try to keep my intake to about 100 calories per day.


I drink mostly plain water, about 1 liter per day, sometimes a bit more, sometimes I have a tea or a fruit juice, just to have some flavor to enjoy.

This works for me since 1.December 2012 and lasted for 5 months in a row !!!

My journey was interrupted during a visit to Nepal, and living from Light was not possible in this enormous pollution anymore.

Totally without the taste and flavor of the food is very hard, at least for me, I miss actually only the flavor, not the food, this is craving for flavor, NOT for the food itself and definitely NOT hunger.

I never was hungry a single minute since I started "Living from Light".

The biggest challenge to go trough this process is not "stop eating",

the real problem is, how to explain this to your friends and loved ones,

they all will think you are crazy and out of your mind.

So be prepared, this will not be easy to explain to anyone and you will be confronted permanently with this matter, sometimes peoples get even angry and give you names, call you a liar and so on ...

Also visiting restaurants with your friends will bring you into troubles because you "don't eat" anymore.

So I handle this situation with just drinking "plain water" a "tea" or sometimes "eat" a plain soup, just to look "NORMAL".

The problem with this is, that most food prepared outside of your home, is full of chemicals, which will upset your "clean" system straight away, be warned.


To keep your "Living from Light" process running, you will need an absolute "CLEAN" and "PEACEFUL" environment.

In a polluted environment

it will NOT work !!!

So I hope that I could give you a brief introduction into this matter and you are interested now in learning more.

Thousands of peoples already "Living from Light", that's a FACT and not some nonsense of a few crazy peoples, daily they become more and more and I believe that this is the future of this planet, everybody will be "Living from Light" in a few hundred years from now.

This will solve ALL the problems we have now on our planet:

NO killing of animals

NO pollution

NO destruction of our Forests

NO diseases anymore

NO depressed and frustrated peoples anymore

NO shopping

NO cooking

NO chemicals and NO cleaning up any more

NO money needed to feed us

I could go on and on with this list, but just imagine yourself how this can change this planet !!!

It will be a "PARADISE" again ...

Of course, this change will NOT be easy for everyone,

but if you choose to go this way,

you will NOT regret,

this I can guarantee you.

Please read everything that you can find about this topic,

DON'T take this lightly,

that's a very serious matter and will totally change your life and lifestyle.

You need knowledge and have to be very disciplined to follow through this life changes for a long period of time,

but finally, you will be there and "Live from "LIGHT".

Wish you all the best and have a pleasant day

                      Peter MICAN

༺♥༻ Light, Love, and Peace ༺♥༻

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