Thousands of 100% Natural Remedies

  • Homeodynamic Remedies

Approximately 5,500 remedies


  • Herbal plants

Approximately 6,000 plant remedies


  • Flowers

Approximately 1100 flower remedies


  • chemicals

Approximately 1,600 chemicals are available.


  • Gems - Crystals -
  • Minerals - ElementS

Almost 3,000 gems, minerals, crystals and elements.


  • Homeodynamic combinations

Hundreds of unique singles and combinations.
Chakras, Colors, Planetary Light, Remedies to Normalize and Optimize are just a few remedy types you can find here.


All those remedies can be programmed into Liquids, Creams, Crystals, Globule etc. if you prefer 3D Level material remedies.

They also can be broadcasted direct into your Subtle Body Fields, which is the most effective way !!!.

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