About YOU !!!


Now we come to the most important topic,

To the patient himself ...


I have already briefly mentioned that there is


in this entire world that can cure another person!

Only YOU can HEAL yourself!


This is very important and You MUST understand this clearly!


Since we are spiritual beings, EVERYTHING is in the spirit, really everything, our whole life.


So you can imagine how important it is that we have a clear mind and have clear thoughts.

The main reason for our wheezing is, to a large extent, psychological problems, with which most people are fully covered with.


It actually begins with our birth on this earth:

This is our first big shock

shocked baby

which has an enormous impact on us, and many people suffer from it all their lives.


Instead of being born at home with parents in a secure environment, we see the light of this world in an icy, sterile hospital full of technical equipment and stressed unfriendly staff.

Who would voluntarily go into such an environment in order to live there?



Unfortunately, 99.9% of all the earthlings are born so brutally, and the delusion goes even further.

The latest trend is to bring children to the world through the Cesarean section.


Can you make it any more brutal for the new earthling to arrive?


And yet it is a daily occurrence that children are so born today.

It goes, of course, immediately further, and the first chemical bombs, called Vaccinations, are administered immediately.


Thus, from the very first day of an earthling, his blood is poisoned and becomes polluted with chemicals from which this being will never recover, because it follows in short intervals numerous further vaccinations, (50 and more !!!) which are compulsorily administered.

Parents who refuse such treatment of their children will be deprived of their children's allowance and very often even the right to care.

It is hard to believe but unfortunately a fact.

Mother's milk is also not so modern anymore ???

Most mothers prefer to raise their babies with artificial, pronounced chemical foods, which can lead to fatal consequences.


hmmmm, yummy.....great selection of FRESH food ???


From birth, the children are already packed with unnatural food and chemistry.
Genuine nutritional remedies get the least to face.

Hurtig then continues in the kinder garden, then with the school stress, stress in the work.

Partner problems naturally do not take long.

The mobile phone must not be missing, it is such a great toy and even small children play with them daily for hours.

The worst damage is caused by this horrible radiating gadgets.

Who can expect to remain healthy in such a system and environment?

This is hardly possible if we do not take OURSELFS measures that support our well-being.

We must shape our environment and our environment in such a way that we feel comfortable all around.


If this is successfully implemented,

there are NO diseases.


This means that the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Healthy eating
  • Sufficient movement
  • Healthy environment
  • Pure air
  • Pure drinking water
  • No noise
  • No electric smog
  • Security in a healthy family
  • A healthy environment
  • Intact family
  • Supporting Friends & Known
  • Fulfilling profession
  • Financial security
  • Healthy house - apartment
  • Pure thoughts, honesty, morality, awe, respect ...
  • Spiritual education (not school !!!)
  • Spiritual development


As you can see, most of these conditions are hardly the reality for the majority of people and that is why 70% of the world population in constant medical treatment.


For your health,

it is the first requirement

that you fulfill all the above points.


If this is not the case,

you will have to deal with health problems sooner or later.


But the most important thing is,


 Do not be afraid,


Not to be intimidated !!!





Is the biggest cause of health ailments.


Unfortunately, most people are totally frightened by the media, schools, authorities, politicians, etc., and are only living in permanent FEAR without recognizing this.

This is, of course, intended, because frightened citizens can be easily controlled, exploited and enslaved.


I can give you here a good advice:

Shoot your TV's & Radios simply in the garbage !!!

trash tv


Use daily newspapersjust to ignite a fire in a stove !!!

newspaper burning 


I mean this perfectly seriously.
This is the best what you can do for you !!!



 break free

I have not had a TV for 30 years and STILL I AM ALIVE, but I also probably know better about what goes on in the world, than 95% of the TV-watching population ...

By the way,

I also have NO cell phone,


but I have until now I survived

without consequences ;-)

I do not want to do without the Internet, but this is an enormous source of knowledge, and gives me the possessions to be able to inform and develop myself, as I imagine it and NOT as it is given to us !!!!

But ON the internet is of course also very cautious, 95% of all websites are pure rubbish, marketing and, above all, propaganda!

But the remaining 5% of the interesting web pages are a real treasure and you can spend several lives in it, and have only one tiny part of it.

There are currently about 1 billion registered websites,

5% of them count for 500,000 websites !!!

Important information waiting for you.



You just need to select the RIGHT sites and will immediately recognize how mankind is led around the nose and constantly deceived.


The only way out is to educate YOURSELF


knowledge is power



Who does not consider this necessary,


But EVEN I'm not sure if it's true what I am finding, I do not need anyone to tell me how and what I have to think ...

This is also the only way to get closer to the TRUTH and not to be brutally exploited and enslaved.


As long as you are AFRAID

and following blindly instructions from all directions,

without any thinking of yourself,

you can not be healthy either !!!


thinking allowed



Remember !!!

EVERYTHING that you THINK in your thoughts


and whatever positive or negative there will be,

there will be NO escaping.


Be sure that your environment is also FREE from NEGATIVE ENERGIES and,

above all,



It is all about you !!!


and then you have to cope with it.


Sometimes it is not easy,

but you have to go through hard and pull its consequences.

If you do not, you have to reckon with the consequences.

you have to reckon with the consequences.


You only have to look at times in your environment a bit, there you immediately realize that our world and society is in a terrible state.

Do not let yourself be deterred from setting up your living space so that you can enjoy your existence on this earth.  


If you have been already caught in it, this is no reason yet to despair ...  


It is NEVER too late to tear the steering wheel around !!!


I felt it on my own.

When I reached my thirtieth year, my body was at the end, TOTAL burnout.



Through drastic changes in diet, lifestyle and my environment, especially in my mind, I now enjoy the very best of health and can fully enjoy my life. 

For me, every day is a great gift and I enjoy every single minute of my existence to the fullest. 


For this beautiful life, we have come to this earth to delight us in the splendor of creation and its pleasures.


paradise love





What do most people do?


They hunt behind some phantoms, for example, MONEY, and spoil themselves and their loved ones with it all their phantasy lives.

office worker hard at work

chained to big weight ball


When they realize that this is only a fantasy, chasing them, it is usually too late, and life has passed without enjoying it for a single day.

working hard for the money

I have been dealing with this topic for more than 25 years and have made it my life task to help people in need to restore a Life-Loving-Life, being healthy, happy and satisfied and enjoying every day of their lives as much as they want.



Do not say now that this is no longer possible.



I hear it again and again,

but it is simply not true.


If you have already caught it, this is no reason yet To despair. 



 Seering wheel leader at the helm


I have also managed it and lived it for 20 years before.


Thus as I have made ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE,


can do


think change 


You HAVE TO stop only


and be consistent


Wishes & Dreams

plant a tree

NO one will think back to the previous miserable life.


Life is the most beautiful thing there is (do not forget, we only have one on this earth) and we have to set it up so that it also satisfies us and NOT always to get prescribed how and where we have something to do or not to do.




and to


brain 1


then you will soon be very happy and content, diseases will also be a thing of the past.


It's all about the


and you're the absolute


of the situation !!!




ALL of the so-called diseases are homemade, you must never forget !!!


Most people believe that they are attacked by illnesses, which is absolutely not the case. 

These disturbances (so - called diseases) and ALL your problems are generated in your Higher Subtle Levels of Being when those Higher Levels are not in order and balance.

It is all about YOU, and then you have to cope with it.


Sometimes it is not easy, but you have to go through hard and pull its consequences.

If you do not, you have to reckon with the consequences.

You only have to look around in your environment a bit, there you immediately realize that our world and society is in a terrible state.


Do not let yourself be deterred from setting up your living space

so that you can enjoy your existence on this earth.




ALL of the so-called diseases

are homemade !!!


you must never forget that !!!


Most people believe that they are attacked by illnesses, which is absolutely not the case.


It's so simple, clear and logical, the whole thing ...

Nature is perfectly equipped with everything that makes life happen, and it also makes us HEALTHY again.

We humans, especially the ALL KNOWING ACADEMICS and SCIENTISTS,

believe, that we are smarter than NATURE and need help to change this PERFECT SYSTEM.


This of course is


the eleventh hour


It is actually very simple, you just have to let nature go its course, and everything is self-restoring, provided you give your body everything it needs to regenerate.

We HUMANS always need to know it better and believe that we are smarter than nature.

Far from it, with this stupid behavior, we destroy everything that we touch.

Even the scholars at the Universities believe that they know and to understand ALL and EVERYTHING.


They can not even create a single-celled bacterium, and apart from an atomic bomb, they have not brought anything to date, even though they spend every year billions of Dollars for those crazy and dangerous experiments.


In return, they destroy the whole environment and supply us with chemicals that we suppose to eat.

nuclear explosion

And YOU finance all these pseudo-scientists who spend these immense sums of money.

The technical possibilities to remedy our totally destroyed environment are deliberately withheld, in order to continue this destruction and exploitation.  

People who work for a clean environment and alternative methods of healing are simply set as spinners and get totally blocked, sometimes even destroyed, when one tries to " uncover " too much of this INSANE behavior.

YOU probably know already WHO are the real spinners and psychopaths are, I guess that this is totally clear to you.


If you are in doubt,


do your homework !!!



From those Mother Earth exploiters and destroyers, you can not rely on any help.

That is fixed and hopefully totally clear...



are on your

OWN !!!


There have never been so many sick people as now, although the Gods in White claim again and again, that they make great progress every year.  

Humanity seems to have been completely lost, and in this dreary situation, many people even prefer to be SICK, just to get the recognition of their fellow men.  

Very sad, though unfortunately also a fact.

A strong desire for life is of course also very important and can be achieved only if you are happy and in balance and peace with your mind.  

Life is very difficult once you have fallen into this deep hole, suffer daily and lose the ground under your feet, but you can climb out of this hole again and then you have to take all the steps to avoid Again fall into it.

step by step

green footsteps walking


 With every single step,

you climb the ladder to


three dimensional graph growing


This is MY

"El Paraiso"

which I created for myself...

el paraiso



can do exactly the same

for yourself ... !!!