The Science ?

As you can easily see, you are much more than you have hitherto assumed, and what science, the system of education, and the religions want to tell you and like you to believe.



You are actually a purely Spiritual Beings, as ENERGY is the basis of our entire manifestation of this world we live in, in which you use a physical body to experience everything in a Physical Form, and of course to be able to enjoy all the earthly pleasures.


In the deepest sense, however, you are a purely energetical (spiritual) beings, and EVERYTHING also plays out on this ENERGETICAL level.

The science is now so far that it must admit this, which is, however, a huge dilemma for them, because if they had to admit this publicly, then the great omniscient scholars lose the ground under their feet, for ALL their theses, which they have set up in the last hundred years, and which they have stubbornly followed, would have no foundation whatsoever.



Even the greatest scientists who want to prove their "matter" in Switzerland's CERN, time and again, had to stand up, that their theories were thrown over the heap.


They found that the results of their experiments were already available before they had begun with their experiments!

This house of cards now begins to collapse, and the truth will come to light ...

 house of cards fall


I am already looking forward to the faces of the omniscient, scholars and scientists Professors.

These matter-obsessed scientists and scholars do not see the forest in front of the trees.

They try to hide behind their ever-wilder mathematical theories and twist the numbers and formulas until they fit into their thinking system.



But this has nothing to do with reality.

You must also be aware that ALL universities, research centers, and their studies are sponsored by the industry.

Accordingly, the results also depend on who financed them.

This goes so far that they even use their imagination to invent diseases to make huge profits.

Just think about the fantasy diseases like Swine Flu, SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, Zika virus, AIDS etc.

relax with lots of money

This happens ruthlessly and without any ethics on the back of the worldwide population, almost incomprehensible, but a fact.

These people who commit such crimes have NO soul literally.

I hope you start opening your eyes and doing self-researches to learn how you've been led up until now.

If  EVERYTHING happens on the ENERGY levels (there are 7), all so-called diseases also arise in these subtle levels, the majority of them on the ASTRAL level of your body.

Your thoughts are the source of your emotions and deeds in this world.


ALL that you hold in YOUR thoughts WILL manifest


Most people believe that their living conditions influence their thoughts.


In reality, however, it is exactly the other way round.



Proper thinking MUST be conscious thinking, because




What we can see and experience in our bodies as diseases are only the symptoms which present themselves to us, and are really only a warning sign to show us that something is wrong with our being.

The causes of a disturbance, therefore, lie quite differently, and therefore it is also not possible to cure diseases in the conventional sense.

They always combat and treat only the symptoms, which brings only one Temporary relief.

Fighting brings nothing, quite the opposite: with heavy chemical guns, only the current situation is exacerbated and a devil's circle begins to draw deeper furrows.

I think it is now clear to you that a problem must be tackled deeply to the root in order to fix it.

Only on the surface "bungling" can not bring a permanent solution.

It does not matter, of course, the whole thing just goes
worse and the profits rise.

Nevertheless, most people are pushing their problems and looking for a quick fix.

Only when the whole system collapses and hundreds of such problems are not repaired and the physical symptoms are no longer endurable, then they begin to call for help.



Now, the highest alarm level is announced and it MUST be treated.

In some situations, however, an immediate medical procedure is unavoidable, especially if they are life-threatening conditions.

The medical profession has great tools and systems in place, and you should not forget it.

Also in accident surgery and intensive care units, there is great
help provided, no question about that.

But with the cure of illness, it does not look so great.

drugs money


Already the word illness causes me worries, what is such a disease actually ???

Nobody knows this so accurately and ALL of these thousands of cataloged diseases are only fictitious assumptions, which were given names.



I prefer to use the expression of the "disturbances" in our ENERGY Systems, which are also real.


These disturbances in our Energy Systems are shown to us as the well-known symptoms in our physical body.

This is actually nothing bad, in contrast to what is always said to us and is shocking us to the bone marrow.


These symptoms are only warning signals which indicate that something is wrong, no more and no less.


If these warning signals are observed and the damage is rectified immediately, then there is no reason for excitement.


However, if these warning signals are NOT respected or covered up with medication, then it can actually only become worse, which is well-lit for everyone.


I give you here an easy to understand example:

Imagine, you are on the road with your beloved car and suddenly the red oil pressure light comes up.

warning light 

What do you do?

Do you take a black tape and cover this distracting light to see it no longer, or do you drive immediately to the side and stop the engine immediately to find the cause of this disturbance and, if possible, immediately fix it ...

I think that the latter is certainly your choice since you do not have much to think about, this is simply the logical conclusion.

In the case of neglect, this could be a very expensive lesson...

If you are not sure what you are doing about it, you can get rid of it in covering this alarming light, but it is not a cure for the problem.

So, your problem is of course NOT cleansed, and in the background, it is already getting worse.


The next warning is coming soon, and what are you doing now?

You are reaching for a stronger weapon and covering this problem again.

This can go on for many years until a breakdown of the entire system occurs and the fuses starting blowing, one by one.

break down


In your car, you would never act like that, but you would naturally approve of such a treatment for your body, and this over many years.

The medical profession and science, unfortunately, does not recognize this fine-subtle Energy System and does not waste any thoughts about it, which of course can never lead to groundwater cure and then usually ends up fatal, after long sufferings.

Who really wants to cure his patients quickly if he can earn huge sums of money to finance his luxurious lifestyle?

running with money

The health system devours a lot of the military budgets and shakes the funds of every state.

All cash desks have already been plundered empty, and it goes on with debt financing, where no one knows how these billions can ever be repaid, this situation is already impossible to be overlooked ... total madness...

Who wants to share this cake voluntarily, or even give it up?


There is still not a single drug, which is proven to cure a disease.


Everything is based on "assumptions" and only drugs and chemicals are used on the already sick patients, and there are thousands more of them created every year.


Apparently, no one thinks about it, and everyone swallows the delicious pills diligently.


This goes so far, that the residues can be found in the rivers and even in the ground water.


The residues from a fire burial are classified as special waste since they are highly toxic ... it is hard to stand by when dealing with these issues seriously.


All this is, of course, is concealed from the general public.


I think the real problem I have now explained, and we can find a solution for your disturbances.

In order to be able to "cure" the so-called diseases, we must penetrate into the fine planes of your being and find the cause (s) and blockages to remove any inconsistencies and restore order in your system.

mind body spirit


If this is the case, then the problem is solved and your entire systems are well back in balance.

This COMPLETE SOLUTION is, of course,

ONLY possible with an 


SPIRITUAL approach, 

on ALL your body's Energy Levels,

and as long as you are NOT open 

to these ways of thinking

and NEW approaches,

there will be NO real healing,

this is simply NOT possible.