Langkawi - Building my 3. Boat

This was my home, I feel very comfortable to live on this small island and I was full of energy to start a new life.
I worked for one year on my new boat design, a 17 m Motor-Cruiser, built out of the finest tropical hardwoods.

Pedro Design


Chengal Tree 


From one tree I could build the entire boat, 20 tons of wood.



Every day a single plank, a long tedious work which has taken me exactly one year to plank the hull. Seems to be very slow, but don't forget I build this "Baby" with just one Arm and a damaged spine...

This project took me 4 1/2 years to build, and I had a floating home again, what an achievement.

Pedro floating

I was FREE again and could now direct my interests to further studies, I had all the time I need and enjoyed my life to the fullest.

I spent many years cruising in Malaysia’s and Thailand’s waters, but most of the time I spent on beautiful anchorages where I could intensify my studies.

Langkawi anchorage

This was life as it should be, full of joy and fun….

In this time I meet also my wife, who enjoyed this lifestyle too …