This is the pristine place we live now …



6. July 1959


I came into this Physical World in AUSTRIA, this was the chosen place for my first years in this reality.




1. September 1965



No one ever answered my countless questions, I was forced, like everyone, to learn what the teachers told us, no matter if it made sense or not.



No one ever answered my countless questions, I was forced, like everyone, to learn what the teachers told us, no matter if it made sense or not.



I had to wait for many years to come and educate myself with REAL KNOWLEDGE.



2. September 1974


Electro Mechanic & Electrician
This was my worst time in my life, we were locked in, no communication with the outside world was allowed.
Contact to girls prohibited, some of the teachers were psychopaths, a real top security prison would have been a nice release from that place…



13. August 1977


This accident resulted in a paralyzed right arm ;-(
Could not work in the electrical field anymore ad had to start out all over again with a new education.



1. September 1978




Technical Illustrator Mechanical Engineering

A very interesting topic, which I enormously enjoyed.

This was also the start of my intensive research work which is still ongoing today…



1. September 1980




Drafts Men, Master in Telecommunications / Building Supervision, Low Geodesy

Was not an enjoyable job, but the only one I could find, my handicap made it impossible to get hired from anybody, everyone thought I am finished and no one trusted in my potentials and skills….

This drafting table was a daily torture on my spine…



60 persons in one office, what a nightmare….



Working outside in surveying was a release 🙂



1. January 1981




Intensive Research on many Topics begins

Knowledge and skills were my only chance to survive, and I keep following this route to this day.






Most of my USABLE knowledge I have worked out myself, in reading about 3000 books so far, attending countless courses and just working it out myself. Learning by Doing.
I did not go through an intensive education program and therefore I was not brainwashed into absurd theories and assumptions and could go into every topic with an undisturbed, fresh and clear mind.

My studies are still going on, every single day, and they will never end….

Following is an overview and history of the fields of research I have spent my past 30 years so far….



1. February 1981




My Computer World

Basic Programming, Web-Design, Graphic Design, Mechanic Engineering, Boat Design, Sound Studio, Brain Entrainment Studio, Design of Pyramids, Domes….



Have designed countless boats, from 2.0m to 20.0m, Mono-hulls, Trimarans, Catamarans, Dinghy’s, Kayaks and Human Powered Pedal Boats…

pedal boat



pedal boat

Pedal Boat



Nautical and Aeronautical Navigation

Was needed to navigate the Oceans and in my early Hang-gliding adventures



Dive Master

Was a fanatic Diver for many years and had the chance to see the countless unpolluted coral reefs in the Philippines, and those are history and gone forever…



Non-Commercial Captain Patent

Was needed to operate my boats




First attempt to break out of this rat-race…

Failed, the time was just not right and my wife had other ideas, she spent all our capital for parties until it was gone…



Back to work and started all over again…



How exciting is that?



1. July 1990


Have built this 20 m Catamaran entirely myself, this was my first BIG project.



The hulls, deck and the rig of my “Dream-Boat” were finished, I could not handle the technical outfit anymore, because of health reasons, financial problems (lost job), divorce….

I could not finish my dreamboat and had to sell my “Baby” ;-(



I almost had a fatal Burn-Out, just worked too much and everything around me seems to fall apart…
But this hopeless situation should change soon 😉



worked 18-20 hours a day for 4 years…

NOT sustainable for too long…



1. August 1998


Was a dramatic experience for me, but sadly my “BABY” goes into other hands…



1. September 1998


Bought a run down 12 m Catamaran which had to be totally rebuild….

I am FREE now and broke loose from this restrictive environment and all the discriminations I had suffered soooo looooong.

In Asia I was accepted as a functional human, what a relieve….

Asian’s have a total other thinking and my handicap was NEVER a topic anymore.

I have forgotten my 20 years of struggling and permanent discriminations, the first time in my entire life I was happy and I enjoyed every minute of my life.



1. October 1998


To make life easier, I rebuild this boat in Langkawi(Tax-Free Island) and made it seaworthy again.



Cruised with this boat for 4 years in Thailand’s and Malaysia’s waters…
Had a great time there…that was living the REAL LIVE😉



New ideas came into my head, cruising was just not enough for me, I had to do something new…

What would be more fun and interesting as building a new bigger boat…
I Sold my Boat and moved to the Philippines.



1. February 2002




My idea was to settle down in Palawan and build a 20 m Mono-Hull Cruising Boat, out of tropical hardwoods.

I found a perfect piece of land, straight on a beautiful beach and started out to set up my workshop.
I bought all the needed woodworking machinery (had to cut trees and machine all the needed materials myself) and was ready to go.



My EX-wife, a Filipina, had other ideas, without my knowing, she cleaned out my bank account and left me not even a single cent.
This was the end of my boat project, had to start from scratch all over again…

The BIG question was …W H E R E  and W H A T ???





1. May 2003





My idea was to find an old fishing boat on which I could live on….

Settle back in my home country was out of my mind, this would have been hell for me to go back and experience all these rejections again.

Acquiring a usable fishing boat did not work out at all, my capital I had left in a second account was just not enough.
After one year struggling to settle down in Sabah, I moved back to Langkawi, the place I loved and enjoyed so much.



1. January 2004


This was my home, I feel very comfortable to live on this small island and I was full of energy to start a new life.



I worked for one year on my new boat design, a 17 m Motor-Cruiser, built out of the finest tropical hardwoods.



From one tree I could build the entire boat, 20 tons of wood.



Every day a single plank, a long tedious work which has taken me exactly one year to plank the hull. Seems to be very slow, but don’t forget I build this “Baby” with just one Arm and a damaged spine…



This project took me 4 1/2 years to build, and I had a floating home again, what an achievement.

I was FREE again and could now direct my interests to further studies, I had all the time I need and enjoyed my life to the fullest.



I spent many years cruising in Malaysia’s and Thailand’s waters, but most of the time I spent on beautiful anchorages where I could intensify my studies.

This was life as it should be, full of joy and fun….



At this time I met also my wife, who enjoyed this lifestyle too …



1. August 2008


Launching of my “PEDRO”

After launching my new “BABY”, I was reborn again, a FREE human with all the time on hand I need.



I started now intensively searching for the  TRUTH…



Natural Hygiene Course

I went through twice through this material, which was based on the Philosophy, Principles, and Practices of Natural Hygiene, comprising 106 lessons called “The Life Science Health System” by T.C. Fry
My life was changed overnight as I went into deeper studies of a healthy lifestyle.
I changed my diet to became a raw fruitarian which I follow until today….



Following with intensive Studies of

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton’s Material

Natural Hygiene from the finest….



Intensive Studies of

Dr. Douglas Graham’s Material

He developed Natural Hygiene to the latest knowledge and his work fascinated me.
Following his suggestions brought me to a healthy lifestyle, and this resulted in a healthy body too.
I lost 20 kg in the first month and never look back to my old way of living….



Dive into the

NEW German Medicine

by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer



Intensive Studies of

Brain Entrainment



Subliminal Messages

This thematic got me hooked straight away.
I had always problems to go into deep meditation and with this technique, could master deep meditations in a very short time.
Those insights showed me also how subliminal messages are purposely introduced to us everywhere we go, Media, TV, Movies, Advertising…..a total raping of our unconscious mind is that, nothing else.



Hypnotherapy – American School of Hypnosis



Certified Hypnotherapist



specialized in Past Life Regression, Spiritual Regression, Life Between Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Healing and Transforming of the Soul, Hypnotic Quantum Healing, teaching Self-hypnosis techniques, Birth Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Remote Spirit Releasement, Recovery of Soul-Mind Fragmentation



Certified Past Life Regressionist

Intensive Studies and Research into Hypnosis and
Past Life Regression followed…

ALL the Materials of Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Kondaveti Newton, Dolores Cannon, Steve G. Jones, Rene Bastreache showed me what is possible, and I worked with these methods on myself.
I cleaned out ALL the rubbish in my subconscious mind, which I collected in my entire live until this time and reprogrammed my subconscious mind in the proper way.
Now the doors are opened for me with my clear and fresh mind, what a difference it made…..
I became a different person, I evolved to a REAL human with his OWN MIND….

Following this path, it brought me to deeper studies of the mind.



Deep Studies and Experiences in

Astral Traveling

A fascinating topic which holds me alert for many months…
The materials from Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Bruce Roberts etc. Was a real eye opener and I could not get enough of it.



Studies and practicing of










Geopathic Stress



Intensive and deep studies into

Spiritual Healing



House Clearing



Intensive studies of


by Ibrahim Karim




Living from Light, Prana, Chi etc.




Nourishment through Light, many years of research experiences
Very interesting studies, just mind-boggling…



Deep Research into

Electro Smog / Radiation

This was a fascinating study too and as most peoples on this globe, I did not understand how harmful all this radiation from all of our electronic toys is.
I bought state of the art instrumentation and measured all over the place…..
Oh my god, I could not find any place anymore which was free from all this electro-pollution, what a nightmare.
I searched for places which had no or a low level of this radiation and for alternatives to living a healthy life.



Study the Principles of


Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Sepp Holzer, Geoff Lawton, etc.



Natural Bee Keeping

Creating a small natural bee farm and teaching peoples how to set up an ORGANIC natural bee farm almost everywhere, even in cities.
Follow the approach of Phil Chandler, which is the most polite way to keep healthy and happy bees …



1. May 2012




The pollution in the oceans in Asia was becoming unbearable, all life in the water has disappeared, the corals are no more, most sea life has gone too…..



Where was the time of dolphins and turtles surrounding my boat, swimming in pristine coral gardens ???
It seems that all these natural beauties are gone forever, the water stinks like a sewer, the rivers are dead, the water is black instead of a clear blue….



Also, the restrictions on moving and living on a boat became unbearable for us, everyone was just ripping us off and wherever we go we had to beg for a permission to stay…….everything switched from paradise to a scrupulous society in a short time.



There was once empty and pristine beaches…NOW, look at this ….this is insane….

We were not happy anymore on our boat and had to find another solution.
Heartbroken I sold my boat, and we were on the search for our future……



Moving to Sabah

From my last stay in Sabah I had still many beautiful places in my mind and so we moved over there.
We were trying to find a nice unpolluted place to set up a Healing Center and an ECO-Village.



This place has changed in the last 10 years and we could find nothing usable.
The rainforests were cleared out, water everywhere polluted, peoples are unfriendly and land prices were soaring in astronomical areas.
The MEGA palm oil cartels moved in and planted thousands of hectares of palm oil trees, what a disaster…

After about two years we decided that this is not the place we were looking for.
We moved all over the place in Sabah but could find nothing that would fit our ideas of a healthy and free life.
Most of our capital gone we moved back to Langkawi again to see what we could arrange over there…



5. October 2013

A good friend of us told us he likes to set up a small ECO-Village in the style of a Japanese Zen Garden and invited us to stay in this place.
We were very excited and prepared for our move….



Arrived, we moved into the place of our friend, which was still under construction….

Full of excitement when he showed us his ideas and plans for this place.

As times goes on, we realized that the whole project went in a wrong direction….

Instead of building a Zen Garden, he covered all natural places with concrete, destroyed all the trees and the only barren land was left.

I was not very impressed what was gong on there…

He had another great idea and built just opposite of us a motorbike storage and mechanic shop….. That was the end for us.



We run into a wall again and had to move one more time….



5. February 2014


So where we can go now, we have tried almost everywhere, from Thailand to the Philippines, and all the places where the same, destroyed and polluted.

We moved to the home-place of my wife, the island Penang, and see what we can work out there.
We found a very nice house on the back of the island and was thrilled to settle down so fast.
The fun did not last long, just close to our house was a mosque which shouted with an enormous volume level almost 24/7 the crazy and unbearable propaganda direct into our living place.
Also, the ridiculous burning of the rainforest’s in Indonesia and 2 million cars on this small island made the air almost unbreathable, we were not able to see over one kilometer on a good day.
Also, the peoples there were unfriendly and wherever we go we got ripped off, no matter if it was a hardware store, a mechanic, a carpenter, just everyone …
We have stranded again and had to find a solution, and that fast, this place would kill us….

Our capital from the boat sell was shrinking now, and we had few choices at hand.

Researched now intensively to find a country where we can stay, time runs out for us in his place…

At first, we considered going to my home country and start there our new life.
After a visit to my Embassy, we got shocked and can’t believe what we were told there.

My wife can not stay with me because she had no income, she is too old and my income is not enough to support her in my home country.

We could not believe what we heard, but this was the words from the friendly secretary there.
In what world we are living ?????

So after this eye-opener, I concentrated on countries which would allow us to stay and which is not too polluted.

This criterion made the list of countries tiny …

I found only a handful of countries in Middle America and South America which would allow us to stay.

After screening the small list we checked out Uruguay.



7. December 2014




Uruguay is small country, not involved in the International Money Craze, not polluted, tiny population, a lot of nature, easy immigration rules, friendly peoples…

Everything went smooth, but it was difficult at first.

First, the language problem, we did not speak a single word of Spanish 😉
Second, we have only a limited capital at hand…
Third, the extreme bureaucratic hurdles to applying and get a permanent residence

So we decided that I go first alone and see what I can do on the other side of the world.



I fly to Buenos Aires in Argentina with a one-way ticket and cycled to Uruguay , just with a tent my bicycle and a small trailer on my bike, search for land which we can afford.



After about three months I found what we were looking for.

I built a small hut and then my wife comes also to Uruguay, join me on our new adventure…..
Finally, we found OUR place where we can realize all our dreams and projects.



4. March 2015

Base Camp

Now we are thrilled here and may live as we like it, no one ever interferes with our life and living style….
We live in the middle of nowhere, pure nature, no pollution and 10 km to the nearest bigger town.
A dream come true 😉

We are setting up our healing center from where we try to help all peoples in need, locally and all over the globe.

After setting up camp here, I researched again and liked to know more about hypnosis, NLP…..
I enrolled in on-line courses with Steve G. Jones, one of the most respected Hypnosis Experts in the USA



Setting up a 1-hectare Fruit-Forest

with Permaculture Principles in my mind, I build a Small Hut, establishing Solar Energy, Compost-Toilet, Catching Rainwater, Living in a Pristine Natural Environment, Autark…

We are not connected to anything from outside and live on our own, what a release, NO more bills to pay.

The only exception is the Internet connection, which I need for my research and communication with the outside world.

You would not believe, but I am still NOT using a hand-phone, I will resist as long as I can 😉

This keeps us healthy and free of radiation, all the advertising nonsense, and Facebook-Mania …

We are living in harmony with nature, which we enjoy.






5. May 2015


During two years we had a lot of work to do.

We started out on a plain field, without any infrastructure, No water, NO electricity, NO tools, almost NO money…



This was all my equipment when I moved into our land, with that I built everything we need…



In the background, my Base Camp, setting up the first foundation block for the house…

5000-liter water tank to get me going, water was brought in by the “Bomberos”



Compost Toilet and Shower Block in construction…



Our House is getting up, all done by myself without any help….



digging a small lake …



2 month fast forward, we have a HOME….



Our neighbor is plowing the entire field to loosen the soils, it was hard as concrete before this treatment….slowly we getting there

What a mess, but slowly we got there, just imagine this after a heavy rain …



not bad, we have a cozy home…



in the meantime, our family got bigger 😉

6 chicken, 6 geese and our “Rambo” in the background…



This is how our “El Paraiso” looks in May 2017



30. November 2016


In the meantime, a lot of construction and work has been put into our land and finally,

we can live in our  created “EL PARAISO” 

Everything has worked out quite fine and we really enjoy our life here to the fullest…



At the moment I am building a “CONSULTORIO” for my wife, where she practice ENERGY HEALING  with great success.



Here we go…



The geese are feeling very well and have adapted their new home…

They enjoy the little lake too 😉



Even wild birds are very friendly here and have no fear at all.



Kean’s first ride, no broken bones, and the pony survived it too 😉



I had now more time to study and started digging again deep into Hypnosis, ERIKSON Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, NLP…



I attend ALL available Courses with Dr.Steve G. Jones which brought me the latest techniques in this areas.












Have started working with Brain Entrainment again and I am now ready to record specialized sessions, mainly for Self Hypnosis, Relaxing and Reprogramming.



My Recording Studio



Clinical Tested Software…


I have used this software in the past for creating the basic Brain Entrainment Sessions and move on to a more modern Brainwave Entrainment Software. In my DAW ( digital audio workstation) I create soothing background sound tracks and 3D special effects for session enhancement.




My NEW passion…

The result of ALL my studies has brought me to this path…

The ULTIMATE approach to HEALING  !!!



During my studies, I had incredible luck to run across Nick Franks, one of the top experts in Radionics.

I studied everything about Radionics what comes in my hands and Nick taught me a lot to get my feet wet.

Radionics is the Ultimate Alternative Healing Method and I am looking forward to helping as many peoples I can, releasing them from sufferings which no one can heal.

Nick Frank has developed Radionic tools from the finest and spent 20 years to perfect his latest gadgets.

I am lucky again, Nick has built me the latest State of the Art Radionics Tools.



1. January 2019

In the meantime out family has grown bigger, we have now 2 dogs, 14 gees, 5 chickens, 1 Roster and 14 Chicks…



What a guy…



Our “Gretel”



South America Trip

July 2019:

preparing for my

“Trip Of A Lifetime”

18.000 km along the Andes

This project was almost ready for the start … Suddenly a world wide Plandemic destroyed this in great detailed planned journey.



AV-361 3D Model

October 2019:

Preparing for an exciting new project:

Building a

Fauvel AV-361 Motor Glider

After intense research and planning, unforseen and unavoidable problems forced me to cancel this project.


Valle del Lunarejo

June 2021:

I thought my journey was over ????

I was wrong and finally, I found the place I searched for my whole life

Moving again, but now for good 🙂

Valle del Lunarejo, Uruguay



Tini House
For one year we lived in this tiny house…


Start of building our new home….


Our new home is ready to move in, relieve after one year of hard work… 😉


Now we can enjoy a cosy home…



Our guardian…



January 2024




HomeoEnergetics® and HomeoEnergetico® was born…


Starting to develop pure and unique HomeoEnergetic® Remedies, enhanced remedies no one has ever done before…


Remedies of the 21st Century…

©2024 Peter Mican


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