This website provides information on HomeoEnergetic Remedies, Energetic Tools, Tensor Rings, Energy-Balancers, Radionics, and other aspects of Radionics, Radiesthesia, and alternative and complementary medicine (referred to as ‘Radionics’ or ‘Radionic’).

The author of this website is Peter Mican.

Before reading this site, it is important to understand the following:

  1. The information and illustrations on this website should not be interpreted as a claim, that Radionic analysis or treatment, instruments, codes, and other methods and equipment described on this website have any therapeutic value. They will not identify the nature, character, or medical classification of any symptom, relieve any symptom, or cure any disease. Therefore, they should not be used for such purposes. Radionics should not be used to diagnose or predict health conditions in humans or animals. If you believe you have an illness or health problem, it is recommended to consult a licensed medical practitioner. The same applies to Radiesthesic (dowsing) procedures, whether used within or outside the context of Radionics.
  2. The practice of Radionics may be illegal or have uncertain legal status in certain countries. Nothing on this website should be interpreted as encouragement or suggestion by the author to the reader to engage in Radionics or Radiesthesia, or to violate any laws or statutes.
  3. This website presents various methods of using Radionics and Radiesthesia. These methods are not mandatory and should not be considered the only, best, or exclusive means of performing Radionic and Radiesthesic actions. Each Radionic practitioner tends to have their own individual approach, which may differ significantly from anything described on this website. Additionally, the internet contains individuals who make extravagant claims about Radionics, and it is advised to approach such claims with caution. Radionic work is a complex field that requires careful consideration and discernment.

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