HomeoEnergetic® remedies are similar to Homeopathic Remedies, with the main distinction that the starting materials are typically non-physical. However, physical materials can still be utilized to create the Energetic Coding for the remedy. The HomeoEnergetic® process is centered around “RESONANCE” and operates on 5 different levels. The specifics of the HomeoEnergetic® processes are confidential, but the general process involves starting materials that are based on INFORMATION DENSE CODING of the desired remedy. This coding can be quite extensive, with the code for a single remedy sometimes exceeding 1 GB in size. The information is then translated into a format readable by instruments made of METASTABLE HIGHLY-COHERENT materials, which vibrate at a high rate to transmit the information field into a Crystal.

The technique of transfering the information field elevates the remedy to a heightened level of effectiveness. The foundation of our world is energy, shaped by the interaction of Earth and Cosmos. Life functions in a rhythmic manner, harmonizing with universal rhythms. When earthly substances are transferred into a crystal, a condensation of Etheric Universal Forces occurs simultaneously, balancing the withdrawal from the terrestrial realm. The forces present in plants and minerals infuse a potentizing medium like water, binding themselves to it. These forces not only serve an energetic purpose, but also possess the ability to guide and organize energies in a way that differentiates rather than levels them. Cosmic rhythms permeate all living earthly matter, with water being one of the few substances capable of absorbing significant amounts of Cosmic Energy. This is why water is utilized as a mediator between the material world and the formative forces of the cosmos, imbuing remedies with cosmic energy.

In the entire HomeoEnergetic® process, there is no involvement of electricity. The electric net utilizes a 50 Hz signal frequency that contains highly incoherent and commonly referred to as “dirty electricity” high-frequency components. This highly incoherent energy can directly impact any remedy that comes into contact with it. The dynamization process would be disrupted due to the incoherence of common electricity. To illustrate this issue of incoherent influences, imagine a newborn life being brought into a busy and noisy train station.

To ensure the production of pure and powerful HomeoEnergetic® remedies, I have selected a remote location in the middle of a protectd and from humanity untouched National Park, far away from any electric field and cell towers. The next village is 20 km and the next bigger town is 100 km away.

This choice makes it impossible for any impurities to affect the coding and manufacturing process. I solely rely on 24 Volt DC solar power, which does not disturb the coding and manufacturing process. Even during manufacturing, this harmless electric supply is shut down to guarantee that nothing influences the coding process. The HomeoEnergetic® process with Coherent Energy Transduction (CET) instruments, enables the creation of remedies that possess the highest possible quality, remaining constant from batch to batch. Practitioners have observed that these remedies act deeply yet with a gentle and subtle nature, unlike remedies created by machines, which is the standard in the Homeopathic Industry.

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