Storing energetic information in crystals via a radionics machine and transferring it to water is a fascinating process used in some holistic practices. In radionics, the energetic frequencies of a substance or remedy can be captured and stored in a crystal using a Coherent Energy Transduction (CET) instrument. The crystal acts as a medium to hold and amplify the energetic information.

Radionics machines are devices that are tuned into the subtle energy fields of an object or substance. By using dials or other input mechanisms, the practitioner can detect and manipulate the energetic frequencies. When these frequencies are attuned to the desired remedy or substance, they can be transferred to the crystal, which acts as an energetic storage medium.

Once the energetic information is stored in the crystal, it can be transferred to water to create an energetic remedy. The water has the unique property of being able to absorb and retain energetic frequencies. When the crystal with the stored information is placed in water, the water molecules resonate with the energetic imprint of the crystal, effectively transferring the energetic information to the water.

I am not recommending to put the crystal directly into the water to avoid any contaminations.

I created a radionic transfer card, which makes it easy to transfer the energetic informations from the crystal into the water without direct contact to the crystal.


To use the water as a remedy, one can consume it, use it topically, or even add it to baths or sprays for energetic healing purposes. The water carries the energetic imprint of the original substance, making it an effective and convenient way to deliver energetic frequencies to the body.

It’s important to note that the concept of storing energetic information in crystals via radionics and transferring it to water is based on holistic healing practices and may not have scientific validation according to conventional medical standards. However, many individuals and practitioners have reported positive experiences and benefits from using such remedies in their healing journeys.

If you’re interested in exploring this topic further, it’s recommended to consult reputable sources, practitioners, or books on radionics and energetic healing to gain a deeper understanding.



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