Michael Leger

Founder of a fantastic product range on Aetherea …

Nick Franks

Etheric Engineer

This is Nick´s master piece, the LRI-ULTRA

In 1997 Nick departed the professional audio industry and began to develop an existing interest in Radionics and Homoeopathy. Almost entirely self-taught in both subjects, his current main line of work is the development of Bioenergy information field treatment techniques, Coherent Energy Transfer™ Instruments and Etheric Engineering in general, especially within the context of Radionics & Psychotronics.

Nick completed his book 21st Century Radionics, published in 2012, which is now viewed as an authoritative work on the subject. The new 2nd edition was released in August of 2022, which can be found here. Nick has been my mentor for many years now and and has helped me to develop the my highly-successful product range.

Slim Spurling

Slim Spurling is the inventor of the famous Light-Life® Rings.

Further inventions based on this technology are the Acu-Vac Coil, the Feedback Loop, and the Harmonizer.

These Light-Life Tools, which are room temperature super-conductors, produce positive subtle energy effects in areas as diverse as relieving discomfort, enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself, improving water quality, abating air pollution, certain types of insect control, and increased plant growth.


Slim Spurling´s creations

The Basics Behind Light-Life® Energy Tools. Understanding how Light-Life Tools work to promote a healthy environment. https://lightlifetechnology.com/

Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell