F-16 Viper

F-16 Flight Sim Pit

Peter Mican F-16 Viper Pit Leave a Comment

As my project of building the AV-361 is not possible at the moment, I go for the next best thing … I am building an F-16 Flight Sim Pit, a 1:1 section of a real F-16 Viper. The pit will not be wired at the moment, it will operate everything via the monitors and virtual cockpit. I will use a …

Nepal 2013 – shocking experience

Peter Mican Nepal

First of all, I like to mention that it is not my intention to write negative about Nepal, but my experiences there was to 90% negative and therefore you will read mostly about negative experiences. I try to explain the situation I experienced there based on my diary, which I wrote daily in great detail. My actual plan was to …

Trip Of A Lifetime – 18.000 km along the Andes

Peter Mican Trip Of A Lifetime

Finally, the time has come for the trip of my life, an amazing adveture along the entire and world famous “Ruta 40” in Argentina, from La Quiaca ( Jujuy, Argentina) to Ushuaia(Tierra del Fuego). I will start at my home in Uruguay, travel to the world famous Iguazu Waterfalls and then heading north to La Quiaca (Jujuy, Argentina) where the “Ruta …